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Plaistow and Ifold Parish Council

The Parish Council has developed this website in order to provide information about the villages and the work of the Parish Council. We hope that it will provide a valuable source of information and will help you to become involved in a wide range of village activities. We welcome your comments and suggestions and are pleased to include news and information concerning the village and surrounding area. If you have any suggestions for additional information please let us know by emailing clerk@plaistowandifold.org.uk.

Plaistow and Ifold Parish comprises the four villages of Plaistow, Ifold, Durfold Wood and Shillinglee, with a combined population of  1900 in the 2011 census, enjoying a picturesque location on the West Sussex border.


Following residents’ concerns, the parish council has emailed the Velo South organisers and received the following response.


“Our letter to local residents and businesses, which begins its circulation shortly, will provide all of the answers to the questions below. you will receive a copy of the letter drop ahead of the circulation but this will be for reference only.

To summarise your questions now and hopefully ease any concern, I have provided answers to these:

1. Can people walk down the closed road?

a. Yes, pedestrian access is not restricted during the road closures. Where there is no pavement and a journey is necessary, we advise the public to take care and ensure they are visible to cyclists.  

2. Can people cross the road on foot at any point along the route provided it is safe to do so?

a. Yes, providing it is a safe time to do so, pedestrians can cross the route. At certain points on the route, there will also be stewarded crossing points which we encourage the public to use where possible.

3. Can residents park outside their homes on the closed  road as they normally would  do?

a. Parking in private driveways off of the road is permitted. Any parking on the closed road will not be permitted and we would advise residents to park on roads nearby that are not closed for the event.

4. How  can  people  access Church, access their care responsibilities for relatives and friends, get  to and from work, feed/attend to livestock, attend other engagements/events.

a. We will endeavour to provide managed access during closures where journeys are necessary.

5. Assurance is required regarding emergency service access and the strain on medical resources if there is an accident arising from the event.

a. Emergency service access will be maintained during the entire event. The event operates with a standalone medical resource to ensure that the County can continue to respond as normal.

6. Confirmation that there is no cost to the Councils for policing, signage, traffic signals and  manning road closures, and litter clear up.

a. All event costs will be the responsibility of Vélo South.

7. Litter clear and removal of signs will be immediate following the event.

a. Yes, this will form part of the procedure before a road is reopened to the public.


Reading your final point on local businesses, a significant part of our planning relates to how best to engage and inform local businesses well in advance, to reduce the impact on them as much as possible. We encourage businesses and communities to get involved with the event and make it a positive experience for the local residents as well as showcasing their village or town to the riders and spectators.”

The letter, which will be circulated by the event organisers shortly, can be downloaded from this link: Velo South Letter to Residents

The Parish Council has invited the Velo South team to the parish council meeting due to be held at Kelsey Hall on 19th June, and we await their response.