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Plaistow and Ifold Parish Council

The Parish Council has developed this website in order to provide information about the villages and the work of the Parish Council. We hope that it will provide a valuable source of information and will help you to become involved in a wide range of village activities. We welcome your comments and suggestions and are pleased to include news and information concerning the village and surrounding area. If you have any suggestions for additional information please let us know by emailing clerk@plaistowandifold.org.uk.

Plaistow and Ifold Parish comprises the four villages of Plaistow, Ifold, Durfold Wood and Shillinglee, with a combined population of  1900 in the 2011 census, enjoying a picturesque location on the West Sussex border.

Update on on Crouchland Farm and Crouchland Bio Gas Ltd August 2017

The Crouchland Bio Gas Ltd Inquiry has now been completed, following ten days of sitting spread over three months from April to the end of July. The Parish Council and the local community were ably represented by our Barrister, Victoria Hutton, and solicitor Tom Newcombe, together with our expert witnesses, Dr Les Gornal, AD expert and Simon Watts, Highways. Sara Burrell, Chair of Plaistow and Ifold Parish Council, gave evidence on behalf of the community in respect to the adverse impact of the development. It has been a very lengthy and convuluted case with 10,000 pages of evidence presented to the Planning Inspector, Katie Peerless. Crouchland Bio Gas had seven expert witnesses, who were led by their QC, Mr Reuben Taylor. WSCC and CDC also had legal representation with WSCC barrister, Mr Banner, taking the lead in Cross Examination. WSCC presented two expert witnesses for Highways and Agriculture and their Planning Officer, Jane Moseley, gave evidence. CDC presented evidence from their senior Enforcement Officer, Reg Hawks. At the closing on the last day, the Inspector thanked all for their attendance and especially members of the public who had been in attendance throughout. At times, the evidence must have been extremely difficult to follow unless the papers were immediately to hand and so the regular and continued attendance of residents attests strongly to the concern in the community and has been noted. The closing statements have now been made in writing and can be downloaded from the links below. We now await the Decision from the Inspector, which should be forthcoming, probably late September/beginning of October.

You may be aware that on 7th August, Crouchland Bio Gas Ltd was placed in Administration and we wait to see the outcome and any potential sale. Planning Consent runs with the land use and not the operator and therefore the Planning Decision is stil relevant. Crouchland Farm is also in receivership with a buyer sought for the 400 acres of the freehold farm land. Both matters have been reported to the Planning Inspectorate and the Planning Inspector as being material to her consideration of the Appeal case in front of her.

Closing submissions on behalf of the Parish Councils

Closing submissions on behalf of Crouchland Bio Gas

Closing submissions on behalf of Chichester District Council

Closing submissions on behalf of West Sussex County Council

Crouchland - New Community Telephone Number

Residents are requested to report issues or concerns about the Crouchland Biogas operation, such as noise, noxious gas, HGV movements, to the new 24-hour dedicated community number 01403 871504. Ask to speak to Paul Curtis, Group Operations Manager, or leave a message.