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Plaistow and Ifold Parish Council

Sign up for News by email

Many of the works, activities, events and issues in our villages pass through Plaistow and Ifold  Parish Council, which is the most local tier of government. Your council communicates through the parish notice boards, its website and open meetings, and will continue to do so.

Email offers a no-cost way to reach more people more easily, and can deliver information directly to you. The parish council has therefore started a news service by email. The email updates will briefly notify you about, for example, works planned in the village, events, police updates, and notable future activities.

Why bother? When road works are scheduled we can alert you (if we’ve been warned!). When a public meeting is being held on a major planning decision, we can let you know. When a village event is happening, we can remind you about it. We can give you updates from our local police.
Also, you can use this service to contact the parish council about anything that is happening in the parish. Actually, we want you to decide what the emails contain going forward so we’re setting up this service and inviting you to say how it develops.
If you use email and are interested in signing up for Plaistow and Ifold email updates then simply send an email to: clerk@plaistowandifold.org.uk. Please include your first name, surname and address in the body of the email so we know who we are reaching with the information. The update emails are available for anyone who is interested regardless of where you live.

IParish Council Email Policy

Open distribution lists will never be used so nobody else will be able to see your email address. Your email address will never be passed to anyone else without your express permission, this includes to any village societies. Only those who have specifically opted in will be added to the circulation and every email will offer you the chance to opt out from the email list. You will only receive emails which your parish council deems of interest to the people of Plaistow and Ifold. The number of emails sent will be limited, typically one or two per month. Plaistow and Ifold Parish Council is registered under the Data Protection Act.