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Plaistow and Ifold Parish Council

KH = Kelsey Hall / WH = Winterton Hall

Full Parish Council Meetings        

All on Tuesdays at 7.30pm rotating between Kelsey Hall and Winterton Hall

13th June 2017 WH

25th July 2017 KH

29th August 2017 WH

12th September 2017 WH

17th October 2017 KH

12th December 2017 WH (revised date)

16th January 2018 KH

20th February 2018 WH

20th March 2018 KH

18th April 2018 KH Annual Assembly (Wedsnesday)

15th May 2018 WH

Planning Meetings                                 

Planning Meetings will be held on the same dates as Full Council meetings, commencing at 7pm. Separate Planning Meetings will be scheduled on the following dates, as there are no Full Parish Council meetings in these months:

16th August 2017

15th November 2017 - Foxbridge

20th December 2017

4th April 2018

Additional Planning meetings may be scheduled during the year, if necessary

2017/18  Meeting Schedule