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Plaistow and Ifold Parish Council

The Villages of the Parish


Plaistow is situated roughly in the centre of the parish. There is a village green, a pond, a pub and a Holy Trinity church, all in the centre of the village. There are over thirty listed buildings in the village. The present-day Plaistow church was dedicated in 1869 and Plaistow School was built in the same year.


Ifold is the largest of the four villages and is located on the eastern edge of the parish. It is immediately adjacent to the county of Surrey with the border path running along its northern side. The story of Ifold House and Estate is documented and can be read about in ‘Ifold, Loxwood and Plaistow - Forgotten Border Villages’ by C H Bayley.

Durfold Wood

Durfold Wood is a small residential development and was built on land formerly belonging to the Brake Estate, and came into being in the 1930s. At that time, land was available as front plots of 1/3 acre and 1 acre for back plots. These plots were sold then for between £200 and £300 and the buildings were used as holiday or weekend homes.


Shillinglee is a small residential area which is also right on the Surrey border. It was the home of the late Earl and Lady Winterton and was originally a manor of the Arundel Estate, which belonged to the Norfolk family. Shillinglee House was originally built in 1785 and during the Second World War it was occupied by Canadian forces.