December 2020
Thursday, 19:30
Via remote conference call (Zoom)

Planning Meeting

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Meeting ID: 896 3488 1325

Please contact the Clerk for the meeting pass-code - clerk@plaistowandifold.org.uk



This meeting did not take place as it was not quorate. Therefore, no minutes have been produced. Under clause 3.1.11 of the Parish Council's Scheme of Delegation the following planning applications were agreed and emails sent to their respective Planning Officers by the Clerk:

20/03038/TPA | Reduce 3 no. limbs on north sectors by 3m on 2 no. Oak trees (T1 and T2) subject to PS/71/00770/TPO. | The Martins 6 Oakfield Plaistow RH14 0QD 


(in consultation with the Parish Tree Warden)

With regards to the above tree application; the photos quite clearly show that the two limbs the applicants want to reduce are split and diseased. The tree also has ivy growing up, which would be better removed as it adds to the weight of the limbs. There is a danger that the limbs may break off and given the proximity to the Dunsfold Road could cause injury or damage. Therefore the Parish Council has no objection to the tree works planned. 

20/02025/DOM | Erection of single storey rear extension. | Springhill Nursery The Lane Ifold Loxwood RH14 0UL


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