Lady Hope Playpark



Lady Hope Playpark Plaistow

Public Consultation

Do you use the Lady Hope playpark? Would you like to be a part of its new ‘look’? The Parish Council is considering upgrading the playpark and welcomes your input. Please complete the short (8 questions) and anonymous survey to provide your thoughts and comments to help steer decisions. We look forward to working with you to improve this faciality for the benefit of the youngest members of our community.

If the public consultation box disappears, or is not present on this page you will need to close down the website fully and re-open, then select the Lady Hope Playpark page again. The Parish Council is working towards seamlessly integrating the consultation questionnaire into this page, however this process will take a few more days to complete.

The consultation will close on Monday 20th April 2020. This page will be regularly updated with information and progress on the project. Please contact the Clerk, Catherine Nutting, for more information 01403 820 737 |

Essential Maintenance

The playpark has recently been closed for essential maintenance to the fencing, ground condition and equipment. Due to the inclement weather the activity frame was unable to be painted. This will take place in due course and the playpark will be closed for a short period to allow the paint to dry. The Parish Council apologises for any inconvenience this may cause. The playpark will also be seeded in the spring; however there will be no associated closure.