Map of cycle route around local roads in Loxwood, Ifold, Plaistow and Kirdford

Event Location: Loxwood, Ifold, Plaistow, Kirdford

09:30 - 17:30 27/06/2021

London Dynamo Summer Road Race

Positive and constructive dialogue has taken place between Plaistow and Ifold Parish Council, Kirdford Parish Council, the local Breeze cycling rep, Hannah Miller and London Dynamo’s Race Events Organiser, David Stroud.

Both Parish Councils have explained residents’ concerns regarding matters such as litter, speed limits, anti-social behaviour, road condition, road safety for everyone, frequency of cycle events in the area, other community events being held on 27th June etc. London Dynamo have listened carefully and fully appreciate the concerns and want to work with the community to ensure their events are welcomed and supported.

Cycling is an exciting sport to both participate in and support; as well as being a great ‘green’ recreational hobby and way to keep fit! Everyone agrees that it is in no one’s interests for cycling to get ‘bad press’ from a minority of inconsiderate behaviours.

London Dynamo have included the communities concerns in their Road Manual, supplied to all race participants (attached below). Miss Miller has been invited to address racers before the start of the event, after the Race Commissaire’s mandatory briefing. Miss Miller will provide a local voice encouraging all riders to race respectfully and responsibly.

Event parking has been arranged with Loxwood’s North Hall.

Toilet facilities are within the Hall and nowhere else.

Racers will be expressly reminded not to drop litter – Miss Miller has organised an ‘after the race’ cycle litter inspection on Monday 28th - if any Breeze ladies wish to take this opportunity to join her?! More details here. Miss Miller will report any issues to London Dynamo.

Racers will be briefed regarding adhering to the speed limit within the villages.

Racers will be briefed to be mindful of the nature and makeup of our villages, other road users, parked cars, concealed drive-ways etc.

London Dynamo will submit an ‘after the event’ report to British Cycling, who promote areas for cycle races/events and set the route. This report will update British Cycling regarding the suitability of the area; for example the road condition, visibility, number of concealed driveways and entrances, types of other road users e.g. bridal ways, lack of pavements and the speed limits etc

In the future, London Dynamo and Miss Miller would like to encourage better advance community notice and involvement, so that events can be supported and embraced by the community. Ideas have been discussed such as including family and children cycling, where the local community can take advantage of the club’s safety marshals and event organisation. So watch this space. If you have any ideas, please contact Miss Miller who can feed back to London Dynamo and British Cycling.

More generally, London Dynamo has not held an event in this area since 2019. The community can feel ‘targeted’ by frequent cycle events throughout the summer months, however these events are held by many different clubs.

British Cycling has confirmed that, after London Dynamo's event on 27th June and as it currently stands, there are no planned races by other clubs in this area throughout July.

Please note:

The peloton will consist of up to 60 cyclists

There are some young riders involved in the event. In the men's race there are fifteen under 23s and three juniors (under 18s). Thewomen's race has seven under 23s competing.

The peloton's anticipated average speed will be around 26mph

The men's race will be 8 laps of the route between 9:30 - 13:30

The women's race will be 5 laps of the route between 14:00 - 17:00

London Dynamo's committee has agreed to offer a £200 donation to a charity / fund that will help to promote safe and responsible cycling in the area. If you have any ideas, please contact Miss Miller, who is liaising with London Dynamo in relation to this offer.

There will be 5 NEG Motorbike riders who will position themselves at any unmanned junctions and hazards as the race rolls through.

Additional Documents

Public Notice of event.pdf Regional Convoy Drivers Guide.pdf Accredited Marshals.pdf London Dynamo Summer Road Race - Race Manual.pdf