On 10th February, a Member of the Public asked the Parish Council to seek an update regarding the works being undertaken to Lagoon 2 at Crouchlands Farm, particularly in relation to the volume of clay being transported to the lagoon site and possible destruction of Nightingale territory. The following response has been received from Artemis Land and Agriculture Ltd:

"The earth that is being brought up is being used to shore up the banks, following all the rain last week, so we can finalise the restoration works on Lagoon 2, prior to landscaping and replanting, hopefully in the spring.

With regards to the nightingales; [we are] aware of the territories – please see the extract below from our ecology report, conducted by The Ecology Coop:

During the survey the territories of at least three nightingales were identified. These were primarily centered on an area of scrub between two lagoons towards the western end of the site, a farm track leading towards these lagoons and a bridleway towards the western end of the site.

This is the area between Lagoons 1 and 2. The only area adjacent to the wood by Lagoon 2 that has been cleared are the original banks/bund that were cleared of the fence, deadwood and brambles to enable safe access during the ongoing remediation works. None of the habitat referred to has been cleared. In due course that whole area of Lagoon 2 will be given over to habitat creation as part of our broader biodiversity strategy to enhance the natural capital of the farm."

Notice Date: 17/02/2021