Maypole 1935
Maypole 1935

The children of Plaistow Pre-School designed and made this fantastic ‘Dig for Victory’ collage picture of a war-time farmer. All the children, aged 2- 4 years, got involved with the cutting, sticking and colouring – a truly collaborative effort. The design has been made into a commemorative card which has been sent by Plaistow and Ifold Parish Council to eleven residents, identified by the community, as having participated in the war effort between 1939 – 1945. 

Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Parish Council, in collaboration with the Pre-School, was planning to host an invitation only Afternoon Tea for all those in our community who participated in the war effort during the annual Plaistow Pre-School Maypole Fete on 8th May. The Pre-School children had been learning several war-time songs, as a special treat, to entertain everyone. The Pre-School staff said that it was lovely to practice the songs with the children, who also learnt actions to some of the songs. The children were also going to plant a tree in remembrance of the fallen from our villages. The Pre-School intends to organise a special mini concert on the Village Green, as soon as it is safe to do so, so that family and friends of the children and members of the community can come together to mark the occasion of VE Day 75 and enjoy their beautiful cheerful voices. 



Here are some ways you can celebrate and commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day whilst staying at home.

Information and links have been provided by the UK Government & English Heritage.

It’s Party Time!

Why not hold a 1940s style party?

The following links will provide you with some recipes for war-time ‘party food’ and ideas for a suitable playlist; as well as lyrics to some war-time favourite songs and how to learn to dance the Lindy-Hop!

Plan your VE day party 

VE day at home pack


Of course, no party is complete without decorations. These links will provide you with bunting templates and craft ideas as well as some posters to colour in and display in your window.


Great british bunting


Ancestry has made all its UK historical records free from 4th to 10th May, so you can discover personal stories and the role your family played in the Second World War.

Get involved 


There are lots of opportunities to learn about WWII and VE Day.

Dan snows VE day challenge


The Royal British Legion has put together learning packs for children aged 7 – 14 years (key stage 2 & 3) 

Teaching remembrance


And don’t forget all the on-line library resources for all the family

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